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Facing the mangrove forest and creek, the Coves sector is composed of a sequence of marinas around which gather low to mid-density waterfront residential developments with retail at ground floor levels and around the marinas.

A beautiful waterfront promenade extends for more than 3.5 kilometers alongside the creek, bordered by cafes and restaurants with open-air terraces affording spectacular views of the mangrove forest. Marina 1 and Park, a leisure filled destination, will soon be joined by Marina 4 – Porto Al Zorah, a residential and leisure neighborhood in the making.

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Marina 4 – Porto Al Zorah


Porto Al Zorah, an area surrounding the fourth marina in the Coves Sector, is planned as a mixed-use neighborhood where apartment buildings, food and beverage, and retail outlets gather around the marina boardwalk and extend along a beautiful mangrove corniche road, which forms a 777 meter-long creek-side promenade with breathtaking views of the fauna and flora of the mangrove forest, and the green of the golf course in the background.

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