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Occupying some 5.4 million square meters of lush coastal land, the lagoons and mangrove forests of Al Zorah are home to an astonishing variety of native marine and plant life, and also shelter flocks of resident and migratory birds. Carefully developed to protect its rich natural heritage, Al Zorah is designed to permit residents to enjoy its bounty, and pathways through the mangroves allow residents and their guests to explore the beauties of the site. The Al Zorah Mangroves is recognized as a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention.

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Al Zorah is designed with the resident’s and visitor’s experience in mind. The arrival sequence is carefully orchestrated through the infrastructure network layout and the transition between the districts. All the districts are inter-accessible on foot along a route where vehicular traffic is limited, which creates a community feeling. Fundamental to Al Zorah is the formation of public spaces connecting the urban fabric to the water’s edge. This includes everything from large parks and plazas to pedestrian routes, promenades, and sidewalks creating areas of interaction and activity with premium views and catering to a range of recreational needs within close proximity to residences. Pedestrian movement will be further enhanced by jogging, bicycle, and golf cart trails, encouraging a healthy outdoor lifestyle.