ActivitiesOutdoor vitality

Close to and yet secluded from the stress of the city, Al Zorah is the perfect place for a relaxed and entertaining vacation or for setting up a new home. The site’s natural setting and landscaped environment are suitable for a number of outdoor physical challenges while the development’s projects invite one to enjoy a multitude of entertaining and cultural activities. At Al Zorah, children are nurtured in healthy and safe surroundings.

The following activities will be permissible at Al Zorah and activated in the near future. 

 In and around Al Zorah:

  • Stand Up Paddling
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Rowing
  • Paddle Boats
  • Glass Bottom Boards / boats
  • Sailing
  • Bicycle riding
  • Nature Walk
  • Kite Surfing 

In and around the Sea:

  • Jet ski experiences
  • Banana Rides experiences
  • Donut Ride experiences
  • Fly Fish
  • Water Skiing
  • Wake Boarding
  • Parasailing
  • Fishing and Cruising 

Other Experiences:

  • Mangrove Kayaking Excursions
  • Classic Kayak
  • Electrically powered boats
  • Conservation & Eco tourism initiatives
  • Experimental education opportunities
  • Bird watching / Discovery
  • Local Marine Wild Life  observation / Discovery 
  • Micro flight across the Destination

Al Zorah’s extensive grounds, from landscaped gardens to natural sand dunes, from beaches to meandering pathways, are the perfect setting for a number of sports or adventures. Aside from the championship golf course set amid mangroves and dunes, opportunities abound to dive, sail, canoe, kayak, and kite surf. Team sports such as basketball, soccer, and beach volleyball are also available, while nature trails offer space for jogging, cycling, and strolling. 

And it’s not just for grown-ups. At Al Zorah, children too can enjoy the environment and take advantage of all the outdoor activities as well as several carefully planned playgrounds. For daily living, safe and narrow roads are perfect for bike rides to the cafe or to school, or a jog through the neighborhood to unwind.