The Oberoi, Al Zorah

Operated by Oberoi Hotels and Resorts this project is planned to cater primarily to luxury-seeking and wellness-focused guests for whom exclusivity and privacy are paramount. At The Oberoi, Al Zorah, you will find personalized service, elegant contemporary architecture, and an intimate atmosphere. Sea views are guaranteed from all areas of the resort.


The main hotel platform is composed of separate buildings connected by walkways, with shallow water pools that extend across an inner courtyard where the main restaurant and amenities are located. An outer cladding of wood panels creates a play of light and shade as day turns to night.


The second platform encloses three-bedroom villas, inter connected volumes with shaded terraces and large openings onto the beachfront, and the spa, a private and secluded world composed of several small buildings inspired by the layout of an ancient medina.


The third platform comprises two-bedroom villas, with deep slabs that float over the ground floor to create a series of shaded internal and external living areas.