The Al Zorah Beach Club & Boardwalk are subtly interconnected, the architecture of its components reflecting the symbiotic nature of the resort.


The Beach Club: Right on the water, the club enjoys 150 meters of sandy beach frontage, dotted with food and beverage outlets, a nightclub, spa, fitness center, separate outdoor pools for adults and children, and a lounging area.


The Boardwalk: A pedestrian walkway linking the inner marina and the beachfront, the Boardwalk is a 24-hour destination, with a mix of retail outlets, restaurants, nightclubs, and other leisure activities. The 'bridge bar' connects the rooftop gardens, introducing surprise and greenery to the design.


The Residential Complex: At the southwestern edge of the resort a luxurious residential complex, elevated on a plateau, blends seamlessly into the landscape. Its large internal courtyard and private gardens are ideally suited to relaxed, barefoot beachfront living.