1.6 KM of pristine beach

Stretching along the 1.6km of pristine beachfront on Al Zorah's eastern coastline, The Shores offers beachfront living in residences with sea views, and includes a beach club, boardwalk and high-end resorts.


Separated from the commercial spine by a verdant linear park, the residences are serviced by a low-traffic winding resort road, giving a sense of privacy and exclusivity.



For nine months of the year, life at Al Zorah is lived outside. Outdoor activities include diving and snorkeling, discovering the marine, animal, and plant life on Al Zorah's shores and in its lagoons, and relaxing or playing on the beach with the children.



Between its rolling dunes and sparkling seas, Al Zorah is as ideally situated for relaxation; but for those who enjoy more active pursuits, Al Zorah's landscape is ideal for sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and kite surfing.