Your Vibrant Urban Village

This Neighborhood is composed of a sequence of marinas and residential waterfront developments comprising low-density waterfront quarters and a vibrant urban village, surrounded by low-rise waterfront neighborhoods.

With magnificent views of the Creek and the Mangroves, The Coves is planned and designed to become a residential and hotel neighborhood designed around a series of three marinas. Marina 3 and Marina 4 is surrounded by relaxed and suburban residential and hotel developments with views towards the Mangroves and the The Fairways' Golf Course. While Marina One enjoys expansive views to the Creek and Mangroves and will be surrounded by a young and vibrant hotel district at completion.

The outer marina hosts 5-star hotels with views of the mangroves, golf course, and beachfront. 

The inner and outer marinas are interlinked via pedestrian routes and buggy trails where you can easily walk directly from any marina to the beachfront.